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"Our philosophy is to provide the forever-lasting positive impression to our guests."



Having spent a lot of time in Japan, everyone at our shop embraces OMOTENASHI.

Translated simply, Omotenashi means the Japanese way of treating a guest. It blends a welcoming spirit with warmth, understanding, and above all respect. 

To practice Omotenashi, the host pays close attention to detail and is committed to anticipating the needs of the guest, and setting a happy, relaxed mood. When authentic, Japanese hospitality and service exceed the expectations of the guests. At its most exquisite, Omotenashi offers a guest a once-in-a-life-time experience. The idea resonates with Ichigo-ichie, the tea master’s belief that every encounter is single and unique.

True Omotenashi can never be attained with a manual alone. It is a one-to-one relationship that changes from customer to customer, from moment to moment. Gratitude towards the customer is a key part of Omotenashi, the part that warms the encounter and makes the host smile.

Look Good & Feel Good.

These days, it is normal to order pizza, book our trips and get doctor checkup on our smartphones.  Just like those services, we have been providing premium master barber service at everyday low prices by fully incorporating virtual front desk / virtual assistant technology since 2015, which was one of the first in the nation. Our shop is designed & built from planning phase to integrate online experience to provide seamless next generation barbering experience for you.


All of our barbers have extensive, many hours of authentic American barber work experience around the world. Our master barbers started their career as barbers at U.S. Military Base for years, then moved on to mid-tier barber shops, then high end barbershops in the cities. Our barbers are licensed and entrusted by State as Master Barbers.

Because of our international barbering experience, we have incorporated barbering/grooming technologies from Japan, Italy, and Turkey to our American barbering skills to provide clients with unique barbering experiences never seen before elsewhere.

We constantly travel to other countries known for best barbering for trade shows, training, trends studying and importing new technology directly to our shop from suppliers and manufacturers. From 2016, we have partnered with Beauty Garage in Tokyo, Japan to supply our latest linen series and barber tech products. We have also incorporated Italian and Middle Eastern barbering tools and technique to our offerings.


For best possible experience, please book in advance.

Jacob & Patrick Brothers -

Business, Purdue University

Hotel Administration & Hospitality, Cornell University


*Barber Lounge is an American family owned business that supports local economy by incorporating right here in Northern Virginia, hiring local talents. 

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