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"Our philosophy is to provide the forever-lasting positive impression to our guests."


Look Good & Feel Good.

In today's world, it's perfectly normal to order pizza, book trips, and even get doctor checkups on our smartphones. Similarly, since 2015, we've been providing online appointment services and utilizing virtual assistant technology, leading the way by eliminating phone calls—an early pioneer in the nation. Our shop was designed and built with a focus on integrating the online experience, ensuring a seamless, next-generation barbering experience for you.

All of our barbers have extensive, authentic American barber work experience. They started their careers as barbers at U.S. Military Bases, then honed their skills in mid-tier barber shops before progressing to high-end establishments in the cities. Our barbers are licensed and entrusted as one of the first Master Barbers by the State.

We extend a warm welcome to customers from all corners of the globe. Our Master Barbers not only excel in American standard barbering techniques but also possess a wealth of experience in handling diverse hair textures and styles from around the world.

We constantly travel worldwide to attend barbering trade shows, undergo training in the latest techniques, study trends, and integrate the newest technology into our shop, sourcing from suppliers and manufacturers across the globe.

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