What Will Be The Same
  • Superior Cleanliness (Hospital Grade multistage HEPA system + Whole Store Surface and Air Disinfection System + Frequent Filter Change)
  • New independent HVAC System designed for fresh air every 3 minutes.  (Fresh Air + HEPA ionized Air + Panasonic silent active exhaust system) (compare to the shared and recirculated central system of other shops)
  • Max 2 served at a time in 850 square foot space.
  • Custom Developed High Power Tool Disinfection System that disables germs in 3 seconds exposure.
  • Far More Spacious Personal Space
  • Great Master Barbers
  • Same Pricing, No Surcharges
What Will Be Different
  • Face Mask: Customers and Barbers are required to wear a Face Covering Mask by the State Barber Board regulation. Mask must be worn while inside of the property. Complimentary mask provided as needed.
  • Face Shave Services (including beards) Will Not Be Offered for a bit
  • Visitor without APPT may not come inside the shop. (except for guardian and service animal)
  • Everyone Needs to agree to a COVID-19 Waiver one time (the same kind when visiting Doctor's office for the first time. In short, we are not responsible.)
Barber Lounge COVID-19 Waiver
 (Online APPT Clients do not need to print)
302 Elden Street
Herndon, VA 20170

All Appointment requests are accepted Online

Change requests are handled by Virtual Assistant.

To change APPT, simply text back to the confirmation TXT with key phrase such as "I would like to change my appointment".

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