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for our clients safety and assurance -


Customers: Face coverings recommended, but not required to receive service. Do not enter store if feeling sick. (same policy as other general retailers)


Barbers will continue to wear mask as needed to filter out small hair clippings. Barbers will wear nitrile gloves, as needed.


C19 Vaccination Program Completed: All Barber Lounge Employees have been vaccinated in accordance with the latest professional board recommendations.


Appointments are spaced apart to give more space to clients and to avoid crowding at popular times.


Frequent touch points such as door knobs, headrests and handles are continuously cleaned daily with Microban 24 hour antibacterial treatment system.


New store-independent rooftop HVAC system, with independent fresh air intake changing shop air every 5 minutes. (Air not being shared with other stores)


Air duct UV sanitization system and plasma air treatment system has been installed and is found to be cleaner than household air per third party air quality study.


Previously Released Information Continues Below

  • Virginia Certified Master Barbers with at least 57,000 hours of barbering experience

  • Extra Spacious, private barber stations

  • Panasonic Silent Forced Air Exhaust System

  • Active UV Air and Surface Disinfection System

  • Hospital Grade Triple HEPA filters, changed weekly

  • Plenty of Free Parking Spaces Right in Front

  • Bicycles - welcomed to bring inside store

  • Easy to use Online Booking tools showing latest availability, auto confirmation & auto text reminder service.​

  • Individual Entertainment Display

  • Socially Distanced Waiting Area.

  • All touch points covered, disinfected and/or  disposed per each client.

  • ADA Wheelchair Accessible, Barrier-Free Facility.

  • On-wheelchair haircut service available at same cost as regular haircut.

  • Service dogs welcomed to wait in shop.

  • 99.7% Client Satisfaction Rate (avg between 7/2016 - 8/2017)

  • Over 100,000 Served.

Barber Lounge New Blade, New Comb & New Towel Promise

  • Since our opening day, we have been proudly providing <All-New Razor Blades for All Levels of Services> from simple neck cleanup after the haircut to Deluxe Shave (Double Edge Blades and Manual Shavers are disposed after single use, 1 per client.)

  • Unused, Sterilized Comb for each individual customer.

  • Unused, Sterilized Towels for each individual customer. New Towels for every single step during service provided. e.g.  Standard Shave uses appx. 6-8 new towels per customer.

  • Daily 12 Hour Sterilizing process: High Temp Wash + High Temp Air Dry + UV-C ray Sterilization @ 254nm. (*High Temp Wash at over 200F, Daily towel warmer hold temp at over 185F) (At the end of the day, we empty and sterilize towel warmers)

  • We do NOT save and reuse razor blades & shavers. All sharps including triple blade shavers get thrown away after single use (1 time) since our opening date.

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