• Virginia Certified Master Barbers with at least 57,000 hours of barbering experience

  • Extra Spacious, private barber stations

  • New, store-independent HVAC system, with independent air intake changing shop air every 3 minutes

  • Panasonic Silent Forced Air Exhaust System

  • Active UV Air and Surface Disinfection System

  • Hospital Grade Triple MERV-14 HEPA filters, changed frequently

  • Plenty of Free Parking Spaces Right in Front

  • Easy to use Online Booking tools showing latest availability, auto confirmation & auto reminder text.

  • Barbers Wearing Single Use Medical-grade Gloves (a pair per client then disposed) and Masks

  • Individual Entertainment Display

  • Socially Distanced Waiting Area.

  • All touch points covered and disposed per client.

  • ADA Wheelchair Accessible, Barrier-Free Facility. On-wheelchair haircut service available.

  • 99.7% Client Satisfaction Rate (avg between 7/2016 - 8/2017)

  • Over 100,000 Served.

Barber Lounge New Blade, New Comb & New Towel Promise

  • All-New Razor Blades for All Levels of Services

  • Unused, Sterilized Comb for every individual customer.

  • Unused, Sterilized Towels for every individual customer. New Towels for every single step during service provided. e.g.  Standard Shave uses appx. 10 new towels per customer.

  • Daily 12 Hour Sterilizing process: High Temp Wash + High Temp Air Dry + UV-C ray Sterilization @ 254nm.

  • We do NOT save and reuse razor blades & shavers like other shops. All sharps including triple blade shavers get thrown away after single (1 time) use since our opening date.


“Everyone I saw come out of this shop looked so fresh, I gave it a try and wasn't disappointed!"

Evan // Washington, D.C. -2015 Google

“It's a barbershop that can do actual faded undercuts. Director Mark does a very clean job. Now I don't need to go to NYC or downtown DC for a decent haircut... Excellent."

Stan // Reston, VA -2015 Yelp

302 Elden Street
Herndon, VA 20170

All Appointment requests are accepted Online

Change requests are handled by Virtual Assistant.

To change APPT, simply text back to the confirmation TXT with key phrase such as "I would like to change my appointment".

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