Barber Services


        Regular Men's haircut to your specification with our barber. Most hair styles.


Single Guard Buzz Cut

        Uniform-length clipper cut using One guard # of your choice allover. No fades.


*Per COVID related State Regulation, certain Shave Services are not offered at this time.

Beard Shape-up (Not Available)

        Choice of Line-up/Trimming/Taming.  Straight Razor & Triple Blade.


Deluxe Facial Shave (Not Available)

        Treat yourself to a pure luxury shave. Our exclusive, 2-in-1 shave & facial service is designed for a smooth shave & relaxed state of mind. Adds/replaces to regular shave: Deluxe exclusive premium shaving product collection, light facial and menu-exclusive luxury shaving blades & shaver sourced from top rated manufacturers that is matched for your skin. (50 minutes)


Regular Shave (Not Available)               30

Barber's Authentic Head Shave            30

[All Shave/Shape-Up services include all-new razor blade, shaver & shaver handles for each client. We strictly use them once per order and discard them.]

All-Scissor Cut                                  40

Deluxe Haircut (50 minutes)           60


Boys 15 & under                               25


Shampoo                                            5

Shampoo + Blowdry + Styling        30



Per COVID related State Regulation, Facial Spa Services are not offered at this time.

Hair Treatment                        $50

Hair Color                                 $50

Men's Facial Day Spa (N/A)    $60


Spa Pack                                 $120

Visit Online Booking page for more details.

We cater special occasion grooming such as wedding, group  styling for Groom & Groomsmen, job interview, parties, last minute business trims & shaves. Please notate type and date of occasion when booking.
Due to added disinfection preparation time, we provide regular haircuts only and do not offer design work.
Pricing subject to change / Subject to Availability. As of 01/2021.
For the best Barber Lounge experience, please book online in advance.
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Herndon, VA 20170

All Appointment requests are accepted Online

Change requests are handled by Virtual Assistant.

To change APPT, simply text back to the confirmation TXT with key phrase such as "I would like to change my appointment".

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